VoIP (Voice over IP)

VoIP (Voice over IP)

VoIP provides your business with a big business feel while retaining the personalized aspects of a one on one business relationship with your customers. Our VoIP Services include a unique PBX system that provides a way for calls to be routed directly to person(s) and phones within your business even if that person is on the road or travelling to visit a customer 3 miles away. Your customers never hear a busy signal and you don't need multiple phone lines with a phone company.

VoIP Phone Service for the Awards and Recognition business (retailer and supplier businesses) provides your company with the following:

  • Unlimited Phone Lines
  • Unlimited calls to the lower 48 states
  • Low international rates
  • Multi-office locations (home office, work, multiple award stores, etc) all on one calling plan
  • Advanced phone systems from Cisco or Polycom
  • PBX auto-attendant (optional)
  • Auto-Phone call routing based upon time of day, day of week, holidays and more
  • Call Queue access (assign specific staff to answer sales calls, other staff to answer order or artwork calls, etc)
  • Do not disturb phone features
  • Call Forwarding / Call Forward Busy
  • Dual Ring phones, even when the phones are on opposite sides of the country
  • Transfer phone calls, even if the call comes into an office in California, Transfer it to an extension in New York
  • e-Fax and printed fax options
  • Multiple phone numbers across the country (want to add a business presence in Dallas, TX when your located in Los Angeles, CA? No problem, it's a simple as requesting a phone #)

Most people will save money on our VoIP Telephone Service for the Awards Industry when compared with current costs of your land line phone system. Call us today to find out more and request a quote.

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VoIP (Voice over IP Phone Service)
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