IT Help Desk Outsourcing with NetSoft Studio

IT Helpdesk Solutions

Our IT Help Desk Call center is Designed specifically for those companies who wish to have a simple, economical and easy way to gain technical support for the computers in their business. Now, every business, small or large can outsource their IT Help desk needs to NetSoft Studio and save thousands of dollars per year.

IT Help desk Services Include

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Security and Performance Management
  • Computer and Server Tune-Up Management
  • Computer and Server Set-up
  • Software Technical Support Troubleshooting
  • Backup/Recovery Management
  • Software Installation/Removal
  • Technology Consulting
  • Computer/Server Monitoring

With our IT Help Desk Services and 21 years of experience, you are not required to have any of our software products. Our IT Help desk services provides technical support for any software solution and is available for computers running any of the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP Home, Professional
  • Windows Vista Basic, Home Professional, Business and Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Home, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2
  • Apple OS X

Look at it as an insurance plan. You wouldn't allow your business to go without insurance, yet your computers are one of the most key and instrumental assets to your business and we tend to neglect them. They get loaded with viruses, spyware and other unwanted mal-ware. They malfunction due to memory card issues. Ever wanted to know how to perform simply tasks such as correct way to install an application, or changing the resolution on your monitor?

All of these types of scenarios and more are covered by our IT Help Desk Services. What's more. NetSoft Studio, technical support staff are 100% USA Based. We do not operate any support operations in countries such as Malaysia, India, etc. When you contact our staff you are talking to Americans.

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IT HelpDesk Support Diagram Shows Support Rep connecting to our helpdesk network appliance and out through our firewall across the internet to your computer to provide remote technical support on MAC OS, Windows OS computers and servers

One of the questions people ask is 'How can you provide us support if your headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA?" - That answer is simple. The evolution of the internet and the combination of our network appliances allow us to remotely connect to any computer in the world (after you authorize the connection) to work on that computer as if we were sitting there in front of it physically. 95% of all computer problems are software related with only 5% requiring a physical person on hand to handle hardware style issues.

As part of our customer service we provide technical support to our software customers everyday using the same technology. Customers are amazed at how quick we can resolve an issue with little to no effort on their part. Often, customers simply let us know the problem, and we start working on it while they go and work on their other projects, help customers, take phone calls, etc. When the problem is fixed, we let them know. Its as if they had an IT Person right there in their business.

Comparison of Services
We would like to compare our IT Help Desk Solution to other solutions that charge on a pay per incident basis:

  NetSoft Studio
Monthly Plan
NetSoft Studio
Pay As You go
Geek Squad
Pay As you go
Monthly Plan
PC Tune-Up Yes $85.00/computer $99.99/computer Yes
Microsoft Office Troubleshooting Yes $65.00/computer $69.99/computer Yes
E-Mail Troubleshooting Yes $50.00/computer $69.99/computer Yes
E-Mail Setup Yes $45.00/computer $49.99/computer Yes
Virus and Spyware Removal Yes $125.00/computer $199.99/computer Yes
Software Installation Yes $45.00/computer $49.99/computer Yes
PC Diagnostics Yes $50.00/computer Not Applicable Yes
On Demand Windows Update Yes $125/computer Not Applicable Yes
Third Party Software Troubleshooting Yes $50.00/Incident Not Applicable Not Applicable
Computer Setup and Data Transfer $90/computer $190.00/computer $219.99 Not Applicable
Includes Anti-Virus and Security Software and Monitoring Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable No
Network Troubleshooting Yes $75/hour Not Applicable Not Applicable
Pro-Active Computer Monitoring Included? Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable No
Pro-Active Server Monitoring Included? Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable No
Pro-Active Windows Update Included? Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable No
Pro-Active Data Backup Services Included? 1 Backup/Week $85.00/computer Not Applicable No
Nationwide Support Available? Yes Yes Yes No
Number of Computers Supported 10 1 Computer/Server 1 Computer/Server Not Applicable
Support Incidents per month 10 Not Applicable Not Applicable 2
Support Hours Per Month No Limit No Limit Not Applicable 8
Rate for Additional Support $50/incident/computer Not Applicable Not Applicable $105/hour
Incident Roll-over? Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable No
Monthly Charge $500 Not Applicable Not Applicable $1,195 (Monthly Flex Plan)


Yes= We were able to find documentation on companies web site to confirm they have this feature, in some cases we were not impressed by the implementation of a feature, however in all fairness the feature did exist and thus indicated in the comparison it was there. .

No= We were not able to find any evidence that this feature existed based upon their documentation on their web site. This does not mean it does NOT exist, rather no documentation could be found on the companies web site indicating the feature exists in the software. We recommend you contact the company and demo their solution to confirm whether this feature exists or not as part of your due diligence.

Green Text = A Better value or better service than the competition

Red Text = More Expensive Pricing or Less service than provided by NetSoft Studio

Not Applicable - Means it does not apply

With NetSoft Studios Monthly Payment Plan, we cover as many computers as you have in your business or home/ home office for a flat monthly rate. This provides 1 free support incident each month for each computer on the plan. Even if it takes our support rep 10 hours (which it never does) to handle a support problem, you will never be billed an hourly charge for your free support incidents. In addition, if you need to pay for additional support incidents, again, its a per incident charge, even if it takes our support reps 10 hours (again, which it never does) to complete the problem resolution, and never an hourly charge.

When you have multiple computers on the same plan, you gain 1 support incident for each computer you have, however those incidents do not need to be used one per computer. For instance, lets assume you have 10 computers and during the month of January, only one of those computers needed help desk support, but that one computer had 7 problems during the month. All of your support incidents can be used on that one computer.

In addition, we Roll-over unused support incidents. In the previous scenario, you only used 7 support incidents for the month. This leaves you with 3 unused support incidents. In February, you will have 13 Support incidents, and if none were used in February, then in March, you will have 23 support incidents.

Give us a Call for a free demonstration on how our IT Help Desk Services Work. We know you will be impressed.

The following is our rate table for various quantities of computers on our monthly plan:

Dont Call a Geek, Call a Professional
  Monthly Rate
Per Computer
1 Computers $70/computer per month
2-3 Computers $65/computer per month
4-6 Computers $60/computer per month
7-9 Computers $55/computer per month
10-24 Computers $50/computer per month
25+ Computers $45/computer per month

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