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Our Software as a Service based program is extremely popular. Under this plan you never have to worry about software upgrades again and what's better is you don't pay for the software to buy it, you only have to buy the support subscription. Our Competitors charge you for the software, plus separate pricing for a support subscription.

BizWizard Order Manager™

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Subscription Based Software Licensing:
Under this program, the software is free. The only thing you pay for is right to use on a time basis. Under this program you gain the following benefits:

  • All Software upgrades during your subscription are free of charge
  • You may install and run the software on as many computers and as many physical locations as you need
  • You may have as many users connected to the system simultaneously from as many physical locations as you need
  • You gain access to free e-mail technical support for the life of your subscription
  • You gain access to free telephone technical support during your subscription period
  • Include one free webinar training session for 2 hours
  • Unlimited store locations with complete single database integration
Awards Industry Specific Order Manager™
In your NetWork
Order Manager™
Cloud Basic
Order Manager™
Cloud Enhanced
Order Manager™
Cloud Professional
Designed Exclusively for the Awards Industry
Integration with ShopKart Awards Industry E-Commerce web site
Awards Industry Engraving Specific Engraving Document Management
Order Management Features        
Customized Order Workflow Management, Tracking and Reporting
Duplicate Previous Order and all associated items to create a new Order
Automated Invoice Creation when customer order is complete
Purchase Orders tied exclusively to a single customer order
Customer order sales receipts (point of sale receipts)
Automated volume discount pricing calculations during order entry
Orders and Jobs are the same vs. separate data entry items
Orders and Quotes are the same vs. separate data entry items
Customer Order Scheduling
Unlimited detail payments for orders
Schedule future customer re-order e-mail reminders
Document management for orders
Unlimited order comments/notations
Order Line Item Special Instructions up to 65,000 characters
Order Line Item Engraving Text up to 65,000 characters
Order Line Item Notations up to 65,000 characters
Awards Industry Engraving Specific Engraving Document Management
Complete customer order history available for all time in history
Integrated outgoing e-mail vs. passing e-mail to third party programs
Wildcard Search for Orders, including searching order engraving text
Create Order engraving Layouts using customer design templates
Create Order Engraving Layouts using Supplier Product Design Templates
Create new CorelDraw, Word, Excel, Illustrator documents from the order
Attach any windows file (.cdr, .doc, .xlx, etc.) to orders
E-mail/Print Proof Signoffs and Proofs directly from the order
Integrated E-mail and postal marketing by geography
Integrated E-mail and postal marketing by type of products purchased
Manage, print and e-mail long descriptive order line items
Order management audit logging of order changes
Built In USA, Canadian and Australian Postal Code database
Scan Customer Handwritten engraving or drawings directly to the order
Order inventory on the fly for non-stock items from the Order
Zoom into large blob style data fields to display more data
Take Counter (COD) orders without a customer account
Create a customer account from an existing counter (COD) order
Print Avery labels for mailing labels, and envelopes
Automated sales tax calculations without selecting a sales tax rate
Export orders to excel
Print order not picked up letters
Track order shelf locations for inbound and ready for pickup items
Track prder pulled product components shelf locations
Report on orders where Inventory has not been pulled
Discount coupons with automatic discount calculations
Customer Accounts/Invoice Features        
Unlimited customer addresses for multiple customer locations
Customer document management
Create customer engraving layout templates for use on an order
Unlimited Customer Comments/Notations
Awards Industry Engraving Specific Document Management
Integrated Outgoing E-Mail vs. passing e-mail to third party programs
Unlimited detail payments for invoices
Customer Invoice Printout Shows Invoice Payment Details
Wildcard search on many aspects of a customer including invoices
Integrated E-mail and Postal Marketing by Geography
Manage, print and e-mail long descriptive Invoice Line Items
Manage multiple contacts for each customer
Customer Account Aging
Built In USA, Canadian and Australian Postal Code database
Scan Customer Handwritten engraving or drawings directly to the order
Designate Authorized Buyers for Customer Contacts
Attach any windows file (.cdr, .doc, .xlx, etc.) to customer accounts
Zoom into large data fields to display more data
Print Avery labels for mailing labels, and envelopes
Import customers from other systems
Export Customers to Excel
Print Late notice invoices via printout, e-mail or fax
Enforce Data Validation including prevention of duplicate invoice #'s
Product/Inventory Features        
Awards Industry Supplier Product Catalogs Ready to Import
Product Kits reusabled on multiple products
Unlimited Re-Usabled Volume Pricing Discount Schedules
Product Pricing Matrix Capabilities
Inventory Control on a Product by Product basis
Wildcard search on any aspect of a purchase order
Print Avery labels for price tags
Single Product with Unlimited Product attributes
Import products and inventory from other systems
Export Products to Excel
ASI, PPAI, AIA Specialty Costing standard industry code support
Create Custom Specialty Costing Codes to expand the Industry Ones
Suppliers/Purchasing Features        
Purchase Orders drop ship to any Customer, Order or Supplier Address
Supplier Product Templates
Unlimited Purchase Order Comments/Notations
Awards Industry Engraving Specific Document Management
Integrated Outgoing E-Mail vs. passing e-mail to third party programs
Manage, print and e-mail long descriptive Purchase Order Line Items
Manage Unlimited Supplier contacts
Attach Files to Suppliers
Zoom into large data fields to display more data
Automatic Purchasing for stock products
Track Inventory on a product by product basis
Reusable Volume Pricing Discount schedules
Associate/User Features        
Unlimited Named Users
Interupt Notifications to Remind yourself of to-do items on a scheduled date/time
Internal Communications associate to associate e-mails built in
Built-In Associate time clock
Role User Level Security
Automated Commission calculations for Promo Products Industry Codes
Built-In Integrated Associate Calendar and Reminders
Misc. Features        
Password Protected and Encrypted Database
Automated Sales Tax Exemptions
Multiple Store Locations within a Single Database
IFree Software Upgrades (assumes no support plan)
Reports for orders, sales, income, commissions, accounting information, and inventory information
Review accounting information with built in General Ledger reporting
Internet Time Server Integration
Automated Customer Notifications of Holiday/Vacation
Open Multiple Company Databases Simultaneously
Zoom into large data fields to display more data

Include a company logo on all printouts

Unlimited users
Unlimited computers
Unlimited databases
Technical Support via e-mail and telephone for Free
Multi-Tier Sales Tax Tables (Postal Code, State, County, City, Region)
Designed for any small organizations or large organizations
Includes Software needed to take advantage of all Software Features
Includes Microsoft Money Home and Business Accounting
Operating System Feature        
Access From Windows XP (SP3)
Access From Windows Vista
Access From Windows 7
Access from Apple Mac
Access from Linux
Access from iPhone
Access from iPad
Access from Android Phone
Access from Android Tablet PC
Cloud Specific Features        
Cloud Server Automated Backups: N/A
Cloud McAfee® Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Included N/A
Cloud Server Managed by NetSoft Studio N/A
Cloud Server Automated Upgrades of New Order Manager Version N/A
PCI and HIPPA Compliant Cloud Server N/A
SAS 70 Compliant Data Centers N/A
Windows 2008 R2 DC Server N/A
VPN Support N/A
ProActive Cloud Server and Security Monitoring N/A Software N/A
CorelDraw® Graphics Design Suite † N/A
Microsoft® Office 2010 Home and Business † N/A
Corel® WordPerfect® Office † N/A
Cloud Server Memory ± N/A 1024 1578 2048
Cloud Monthly Data Transfer Included N/A 2.5 TB 3.5 TB 4.5 TB
Cloud Data Disk Storage: N/A 50 GB 70 GB 100 GB
Users Limitations        
Number of Concurrent Users ‡ 25 5-7 Users 8-12 Users 13-16 Users
Cloud Based Hosting Account Plan N/A $180 $240 $300
SaaS (Software as a Service) Option (12 Month Agreement)†† $150 $150 $150 $150
Total Monthly Price: $150 $320 $390 $450

† Installation of CorelDraw Graphics Design Suite, Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect Office requies a license. You can supply the license key if you already have a valid license, or you can purchase a license from NetSoft Studio. License fees for Licensing Third Party Software such as those indicated are not included in the monthly fees for the BizWizard Order Manager Cloud Solutions.

‡ The number of concurrent users is a recommended limitation, it is not a hard imposed limit. Typically you can have more concurrent users, for instance on the Order Manager Cloud Basic account plan you can run as many as 9 concurrent connections. The more connections above the stated user limit will cause each of the cloud sessions to slow. Current Sessions requires a Microsoft Remote Desktop Server License, the licensing fee for Remote Desktop Server is not included in the pricing above. You may procure the remote desktop server license from any supplier you wish, or we can procure it for you. In both cases, the remote desktop server license will be owned by your company.

± Wheras the amount of memory or disk storage may seem limited, due to the way the cloud servers are configured, the amount of memory and disk storage provided is more than sufficient to run the applications necessary. For instance with 10 years worth of Data in BizWizard Order Manager, the database itself will consume no more than approx 700 mb, which is less than 1 gb. Each connection to the cloud server consumes only about 200Mb of memory, thus 1024 meg of memory is more than what is needed to run the operating system plus 5 concurrent connections to the server with any performance degradations.

†† Month to Month pricing is available at the rate of $200/mo for the non-hosted cloud solution. All cloud solutions require a 12 month contract, after which the contract is month to month.

Additional Services:
Additional webinar training beyond the initial training provided free of charge (2 hours) is available for $150/hour - All costs associated with the webinar training are included in this price, excluding telco charges.

On site training is available for $800/day Plus travel, hotel and other associated costs.